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Audio Unit Installation and Registration FAQ

Note: AUs have been discontinued. This guide is for those who have already purchased AUs.

Q: How do I install an Audio Unit?

A: You can install an AU into any of the standand locations for plugins. These are commonly /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components (where "~" stands for the user's home directory). Drag the component from the DMG into either of these locations. Your AU host may require that you relaunch it. (back)

Q: How do I install the presets?

To install the presets, drag the MusicUnfolding directory from the DMG to the standard preset directory on your disk. This will be either /Library/Audio/Presets or if you prefer installing in your home directory, "~/Library/Audio/Presets." If you've previously installed MusicUnfolding presets, you only need to drag the folder inside the MusicUnfolding directory in the DMG to your presets directory on your computer. Most of our presets are in a single directory. In AUs with large numbers of presets, such as F8-V2, we have the presets grouped into subdirectories. Some AU hosts won't work with presets in subdirectories — GarageBand, for example. When we organize presets into subdirectories, we will always provide a directory without subdirectories. You have the choice of whichever you prefer or whichever your AU host supports. (back)

Q: What's the difference between the demo and full versions?

A: There will either be periodic intervals of silence or periodic intervals of static, depending on the nature of the plugin. If you have older versions of the AUs that you haven't registerd, download the new free versions, which do not need to be registered and come ready to go. (back)

Q: How do I register your AUs?

A: All products are now free and no longer need to be registered. Just download and install the products and they will be fully functional.

Previous (paid) versions were registered as follows: You must have access to the custom interface to register our AUs. If your host doesn't support our graphical interfaces, you can use GarageBand or AULab, which is free. Each of our plugin interfaces has a button to push to bring up the registration panel. In F8-V2, it is the little "F8" button on the far left of the interface. On M3, it's' the M3 badge at the top of the interface. For all Twister Series AUs, click on the name of the plugin and it will bring up the registration panel. Licenses may no longer be purchased, as of Feburary 8, 2010. If you already own a licence, just copy and paste in your license number in the registration panel. Many AU hosts require that you relaunch the application at this point for the plugin to register. (back)

Q: I'm a GarageBand user, and I've never used an AU before. Where do I start?

A: First, follow the instructions above for installing the plugin and presets. This tutorial will help you learn how to access and use your AUs in GarageBand. (back)

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