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Audio Unit Host FAQ

Q: Which hosts can I use with Music Unfolding's AUs?

A: The Twister Series AUs can be used with any AU-capable host, since they can be edited in a generic interface. For the ability to edit all the features in Collective 8 and M3, you will need a Cocoa-enabled host. We are aware of the following hosts which offer Cocoa-based AU support. These hosts may not necessarily work with our AUs. This list is not being routinely updated. The best thing to do is to download and install the AUs and test in your host. Afterall, they are free!


Q: Why can't I see the graphical interface of your Audio Units in Ableton Live?

A: Our custom graphical user interfaces were created in Apple's Cocoa framework. In order for you to view the custom interface, your Audio Unit host must support Cocoa-based graphical interfaces. At this point in time, Ableton Live doesn't support Cocoa-based user interfaces. Ableton is aware of this issue and may be adding support in the future.

Our AUs work in Live. However, our plugins can only be edited using Live's interface. Collective 8 and M3 plugins each have some features with editing environments that can only be accessed in our custom interface. So it's necessary to use a host that can display our custom interfaces to fully edit these settings. However, our Twister Series AUs have a less complicated interface with fewer parameters and are easily edited in Live. (back)

Q: Will Music Unfolding's AU custom interfaces work with all versions of Logic?

A: We test our AUs in Logic 7.2.1 on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs, which fully support our custom interfaces. Earlier versions of Logic lacked the ability to handle certain features of Cocoa-based AU custom interfaces. Logic version 7.2 fixed most of these issues and Logic version 7.2.1 resolved the remaining issues. Therefore, we recommend the use of Logic 7.2.1 or above for Music Unfolding's AUs and not earlier versions. (back)

Q: Is there a work-around to the AU host issue?

A: As noted earlier, Collective 8 and M3 each have certain settings that can only be edited in the custom interface. You can edit your settings and save them as presets in an AU-capable host, such as GarageBand or AULab, and then use your presets in your non-Cocoa-capable AU host.

To edit Collective 8 and M3 directly, or to have access to the custom interfaces of any of our plugins, Plogue Bidule is a great option. Plogue Bidule is both an AU host and it can act as a plugin in other hosts. You can host a Music Unfolding plugin in Bidule, using Bidule as the AU host. Then, host Bidule as a plugin in your non-Cocoa-capable AU host. This works great. Using this method, we were even able to fully access Music Unfolding's custom interfaces in a VST host, Tracktion. (back)

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