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Audio Unit Hosts
Music Unfolding's Audio Units have Cocoa-based user interfaces (UIs). You must have an Audio Unit host that supports Cocoa-based UIs to use the custom graphical interface of our AUs. The Collective 8 AUs and M3 require the graphical interface to edit certain features. The AUs in the Twister Series are editable in the generic interfaces of AU hosts, such as Live.

Here is a list of Audio Unit hosts that support Cocoa-based AUs. This doesn't mean that our AUs will necessarily work in these hosts and this list is not being routinely updated. The best way to find out if the AUs work in your host is to download them, install and then test in your specific AU host.

What if your host doesn't support Cocoa UIs?

There are a few workarounds that you may want to use if you want to directly edit Collective 8 or M3 in your host. One is to edit in an AU host that does support Cocoa AUs and save your presets. Then, load the AU in your non-Cocoa host, which will display a generic UI. Use your saved presets.

One way to get our AUs to run directly in your AU host that doesn't support Cocoa AUs is with Plogue Bidule. Plogue Bidule works as an AU plug-in that hosts other AU plug-ins. Use Bidule as an AU in your host that doesn't support Cocoa AUs. Then, load Music Unfolding's AU in Bidule. The Music Unfolding AU's Cocoa interface is now available for editing. We tested this method in Ableton Live. Many AU hosts are being updated, so the only way to be sure is to test with your host.

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