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Jeff Rona
Jeff Rona Jeff Rona is one of the unique, contemporary musical voices in today's film world. His versatile scores and other music have been heard on dozens of films, television series and TV films, soundtracks and records. His diverse and passionate work has spanned everything from heavy electronics and groove, ambient sound, to sublime thematic orchestral works.

Born and raised in Culver City, California, where the movie industry was born in America, he began playing flute in grade school, but by high school had begun experimenting and composing with both home made and sophisticated electronic instruments. He was among the first musicians in the US to create music with computers and digital synthesizers outside of academic research, much before MIDI made this an everyday affair.

A student of photography, arts and music in college, he quit to pursue music as his life's work. He composed new music for dance companies, plays, art installations and contemporary concert venues around the world. Prior to establishing himself as a film composer he also worked as a musician, arranger, synthesist and sound programmer in Los Angeles and New York. His deep knowledge of synthesizers and leading edge technology, he was involved in the design of new electronic instruments and musical software, and was a leading figure in making MIDI a groundbreaking worldwide phenomenon.

He recorded and performed as a member of Jon Hassell's highly regarded group, during which he co-composed and produced the acclaimed "City-Works Of Fiction" record on Opal/Warner Records. The group toured extensively and performed with legendary producer/composer Brian Eno. More recently he has begun performing with his own live project "Luxurious." While a highly in-demand musician for numerous films and records he landed his first solo composing project, scoring the acclaimed television series "Homicide:Life On The Street" with director Barry Levinson. This was followed by other TV projects including the very successful "Chicago Hope" and "Profiler." He worked closely with Steven Spielberg scoring his first TV series "High Incident," Robert Altman on his award winning "Gun" anthology, Frank Darabont on his "Black Cat Run" film for HBO, and international auteur Wong Kar Wai's film "The Following" for BMW Films.

His feature film work include Ridley Scott's "White Squall," "The Mothman Prophesies," "Exit Wounds," Mary Lambert's "The In Crowd," "The Quiet", and contributions to Steven Soderbergh's "Traffic," "Schizopolis" and "Kafka," Ridley Scott's "Black Hawk Down," "Mission:Impoossible 2," "Assasins," "Gladiator," "The Net," "Thin Red Line," "The Fan," "Bobby," and many, many others. In addition to the mainstream films he's composed, he has also done a number of documentaries including the multi award winning "Sharkwater."

In addition to his album work with Hassell, his music is also on the critically praised world-beat "Transplanet" series on Triloka Records, the electronica compilation "Leaves From The Tree" on Vitamin Records and on Azam Ali's "Elysium for the Brave" on 6 Degrees Records.

His experiences in film music have been published as a major book entitled "The Reel World," which has a companion website at

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