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PhaseDelayArray AU
PhaseDelayArray is part of the Twister Series
of Audio Unit effects.
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What exactly is it? PhaseDelayArray has three effect units chained together in an interesting configuration. And one of these units is just a little bit twisted.

The first unit consists of a sequential array of vibrating (oscillating) reverberation sections. The oscillations can be tiny or huge. The reverb depth can be tiny or huge. The overall effect can be subtle or HUGE. And, it can create a pretty big range of sounds.

The second section is a modulation section. It takes the output of the PhaseDelays and whips it around, or up-and-down or back-and-forth.

The final section is a feedback unit with the possibility of a lot of delay (up to 5 seconds). The mix section allows you to tap into all this strangeness in four different places.

It's hard to describe. You need to listen to some Samples.

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