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Torsten Fassbender
Torsten Fassbender Torsten Fassbender was born in 1970 in Velbert, a small, placid German town. He first started using computers at the age of 12. Thanks to his parents, he had the chance to learn how to play the guitar and the piano. Due to his playful approach to the world of music and electronics, he soon discovered his love and passion for electronic music. His favorite artists at that time were Kraftwerk, Jean Michael Jarre and Vangelis.

The Trance Experience Several years later, he was introduced to a program called "Soundtracker" on the Commodore Amiga and was instantly hooked. This program, created by Karsten Obarski, gave him the tools he needed to start creating his own music using a computer. From 1984 until 1998, he composed and arranged many soundtracks and in-game-effects for various games and demos. Encouraged by this line of work, Torsten began to build his own home-studio and was eventually introduced to the possibilities of MIDI. Finally, he had the means to realize his musical ideas the way he wanted them to be.

When Torsten heard one of the first techno songs at a party in Belgium, he knew this was the style he had always been looking for. Therefore, he expanded his equipment and worked on his first tracks driven completely by MIDI synthesizers. His first releases followed in 1994 with different labels all across Europe. In 2000 he founded his latest project called "Wellenrausch," which became popular in the trance scene rather quickly.

Torsten's productions and remixes for artists such as Blank&Jones, Luna Park and PPK are present on a number of compilations and almost every top DJ in the world includes his tracks in their playlists. In 2005 he got the offer from high nominated Software Developer "Waves Audio" to write a Production Book for their "" Openmix(TM) Series. This book, The Trance Experience, received great reviews from M8 Magazine (UK), I-Dance (UK), iDJ Mag (UK), Mixmag (UK), Keyboards (France), Coda Magazine (France), Only for Djs (France) and In 2007, Torsten will focus on his own productions and remixes for other artists. Samples of Torsten's music can be found on MySpace.

Torsten Fassbender
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